Monday , March 20 2023

The sweetness of the birth of the Prophet


Hassan Fendi, a member of the Confectionery and Candy Department of the Federation of Industries of the Federation of Food Industries, confirmed sweet candy prices on local markets last year, highlighting the fall in local sugar prices.

Fendi said yesterday that the price of glucose has also declined, which is one of the main ingredients in the pastry industry.

He added that there are many factors affecting prices, the most important of which are global markets, which are the driving force of domestic prices, in addition to the increased operating and labor costs, but the fall in sugar prices and of the glucose, the latter remaining without affecting the price of the product.

He points out that sugar reserves at safe borders and is enough until February, pointing out that the country's sugar consumption per year, about 3.2 million tonnes, including 2.2 million tonnes of local production and the rest imported as raw materials and repeated in Egypt, cane and beet, through the operation of refinery facilities.

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