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"He can not pay for a lawyer," says suspect Gen Kinfe Dagnaw


Kinfe Dagnaw - METEC
Kinfe Kagnaw as he arrived in Addis Ababa
Photo: Snapshot from the FBC video

November 14, 2018

General Kinfe Dagnaw, former director of the state-run METEC, appeared in a federal court in the capital, Addis Abeba, today in connection with charges of bribery.

His brother Isayas Dagnaw, who was a senior official in Ethio-telecom until he was released in April of this year, also appeared in court with his brother.

Both have asked the public defense counsel to claim that they can not pay for themselves.

General Kinfe Dagnaw was arrested yesterday at Humera trying to leave in Sudan. It is involved in misappropriation of public funds and illegal supplies exceeding $ 2 billion.

According to information, it was recorded by special forces in the Tigray region and handed over to the federal law enforcement authorities that brought it to the capital Addis Abeba in a military helicopter that same day.

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