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How will fasting during the holiday season be for each sign?


Navratri’s holiday season has come. The nine days dedicated to the nine forms of the goddess Durga see many people fasting all day. How will this fast help you? Here is Jeevika Sharma, a tarot card reader and guide guide who explains how fasting can help this Navratri to each sign of the zodiac.


Fasting can give you unexpected results. To take full advantage of your fast, make sure you keep your mind and thoughts positive.


If you choose to fast this season, you will have more energy that will allow you to control the decisions or situations around you. You will have more power and feel more confident.


If you choose to fast, it can help you get rid of all the obstacles you have been facing for a while. Everything in your life will see a smooth transition. There will be growth in both your professional and personal life.


If you choose to fast this holiday season, it can help you get rid of all the confusion in your mind. You need a clear mind to guide you.


This season would bring a chance to fast. All your contacts would be more meaningful. You will be able to implement the decisions you make.

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Gemini, fasting this season can bring you some chance in the form of material gain. You will receive help and good advice to achieve your goals.


Fasting this season can help resolve conflicts that have been going on for years. Any problems you may encounter will immediately dissipate for the better.


If you choose to fast this holiday season, you will earn money. The profit you will receive will be related to your professional life. You can say that it belongs to you.


If you fast this season, all the problems you face in your life will end. You also have a chance to start anew. This would be a new beginning with no obstacles and no problems.


Fasting this season will help you find a balance in your life. This balance will be mainly between your personal life and your professional life. You will be able to balance your personal life and career, but only if you are a little patient.


Fasting this season will free a person born under the sign of Scorpio from an emotional trap. Lately, they feel emotionally connected. If you choose to fast, you will be able to better understand your situation and make an escape plan.


Fasting would help Sagittarius see the dark side of every situation and the people around him. In addition, they will be free from any emotional problems because they could not make the right decision before.

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