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Meet the beautiful woman behind the MTN customer care voice


Sunday Entertainment, November 18, 2018



MTN WomanKgomotso Christopher

The beautiful South African actress, identified as Kgomotso Christopher, has been uncovered and linked to MTN's famed voice care voice.

Kgomotso Christopher, found on a videotape that records the popular "you have insufficient funds to recharge" among other services offered by MTN, is said to be a trained actor who graduated from Columbia University in New York, USA.

While many network subscribers unconsciously linked the voice with a white woman, Kgomotso Christopher who took her twitter account to confirm the revelation revealed she was in business for over six years.

She wrote?

Yes. I'm glad you remember what I always said. I remember saying that the long voice was my main stream of income because I did not have any active work at all … in fact it was this consistent MTN project to which I refer.

I'm sure some of them are. They still use the recordings made with the previous voice artist before I start making the hints in 2012

Recordings are called (ivr) internal voice recording. So, the standard tone / tone of voice recording.

I've been making the voice for a while. But there were other artists who may be whites who also made and these recordings are still used as well. Also, when I'm not available, they use a similar voice, so the MTN phone voice remains consistent

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