Thursday , June 30 2022

Priyanka Chopra celebrates a party with future sister Sophie Turner


Nikos Gianna must be "jealous" of his future husband's party (for sure we are).

Priyanka Chopra, 36, started a boat ride in Amsterdam at the weekend to celebrate her outstanding wedding dresses at Jonas. 25. Her team was bachelorette, including her short-in-law, Sophie Turner.

"Set sail", the former actor "Quantico" underlined an Instagram image of herself smiling in a boat on Saturday. She wore a fluffy sweater, snake boots and a long cream. Turner, who deals with Joe Jonas, wore a white sweater, a blue coat and cat-eye sunglasses.

"#BacheloretteVibes," Chopra presented another image showing her gorgeous engagement ring.

Chopra's future mother-in-law, Denise Jonas, gently reminded the actor that she was in her best behavior, commenting on "Be Good" with a red emoji heart.

Chopra moved to a sweater with a colorful t-shirt and a pin on Sunday for drinks with girls. The Indian actor wore a traditional cover and tiara for celebratory events.

The baseball weekend was a perfect opportunity for Chopra and her actor of "Game of Thrones" to commit themselves.

Chopra published a story of Instagram, giving Turner a walking walk through the streets of Amsterdam on high heels. Adds the hashtag #TheJSisters, indicating their future surname.

Chopra and Jonas reaffirmed their commitment in August after many speculations following a romance that began in May.

The couple broke the news about Instagram with a sweet image together. "Ms. Jonas, my heart, my love," underlined the shot. Chopra shared the same photo in her Instagram with an equally loving caption: "Taken With All My Heart and Soul …"

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