Friday , September 30 2022

Yolanda Hyde is so happy Bella Hyde and the week is back together


Yolanda Hyde is a proud mom.

For the second year, both her famous daughters, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hyde, walked into Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This year, the amazing brothers turned to the big apple corridor where the show was filmed at Pier 94.

While the Hadid gals turned their wings under the corridor, Yolanda cheered them from the first row alongside the famous beau of his younger daughter, The weekend. So, how does Mom feel about her daughter's upbeat romance? After all, in 2016, then the exes had a strange run shortly after their break up in Victoria's secret corridor, where Bella made her debut, and The Weeknd was a musical visitor at the time. The two finally got together last July.

"I believe their choices and I love them that they like and obviously Bella and Abel had separated there for a while and I'm so happy to be back together and I could not be happier about that," he said to E! small Zhanna Roberts Rashi.

Bella Hyde, Yolanda Hyde, Victory Victoria Victoria 2018

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Celebrity mama is known to keep it real with her children, especially when it comes to their careers. As Gigi has repeatedly explained, Yolanda has always encouraged them to be the most beautiful, respectable and hard working models in the room.

"Every young lady of the season wants to be a model and there are girls that are far more beautiful than my girls … and they deserve success as my girls do," he told Rassi. "If you want to, you really need to be your authentic self and share your heart with people."

As Hadic pointed out, "People do not remember a beautiful face; people will only remember the heart."

With the official show, it's one more night, ladies will never forget. As for the celebration, Yolanda said they would finish the night with a "big, greasy pizza", some wine and "let everything fly".

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