Thursday , June 8 2023

8,000 people in the "momentum of rage" between rue d 'Aubagne and the city hall of Marseilles


Ten days after the collapse of derelict buildings that killed eight people in Noailles, the popular heart of Marseilles, thousands of protesters "angry" crossed Wednesday between Aubagne Street, where the tragedy took place, and City Hall. It was 8,000, according to the police department. The overflows took place in the evening, in front of the town hall.

"Blood on hands, handcuffs", "Elected, Responsible, Justice Passes" : these signals set the tone, starting from the "with the feet of anger"was organized late Wednesday afternoon, at the invitation of the Association of 5 November, the date of collapse of several dilapidated buildings in the Noailles region.

It is forbidden to smoke from the smoke

In his slogan "Gaudin Murderer"Protesters began walking on Aubagne Street in the Town Hall at Old Port, holding portraits of some of the eight victims of the drama, five men and three women. While the demonstration was until then a good kid, the trend is growing when protesters clashed with the police string, forbidding access to the town hall. Smokers, ammunition and jets, or the barrage of the protesters, the tear gas on the other: the face to face gradually became more and more heated, while the procession was slowly spreading.

According to police headquarters, five people were arrested during the conflict. At around 9 in the evening when most of the protesters were gone, 200 to 300 people continued to occupy the sidewalk in front of the town hall, before gradually dispersed without discrimination by the police.

Very criticized by the tragedy, Jean-Claude Gaudin, who has been running the city since 1995, for the first time acknowledged on Sunday that he had "not enough" to fight against the weak habit, the day after a white run, which brought together thousands of Marseilles fired requests the resignation of the mayor, already under the balconies of the Town Hall.

Experts from Paris and Searches

In a letter addressed to the Mayor of Marseille and to the chairman of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis and to the Bouches-du-Rhône department, Martine Vassal, housing ministers Julien Denormandie and territorial cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault,State escort, especially for the safety of buildings, through a diagnosis conducted "without delay", and for one "Unacceptable fight against sleepers". "It seems advisable to soon implement the protocol against irredeemable housing that was completed (…) in December 2017", emphasized this text in particular, while saying it was not "to do from Paris instead of communities".

On Tuesday, a series of searches were conducted in various parts of the Marseille City Hall and Marseilles Habitat, the owner of socially leased buildings that collapsed,preliminary investigation opened by the Marseilles Public Prosecutor's Office to find out the causes of the collapse and to determine possible responsibilities.

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