Monday , October 3 2022

At Chtellerault, dfil collects 3,000 protesters


Coming in numbers, the yellow vests filtered out the circular knots and prevented access to the Leclerc and Auchan supermarkets who closed their doors.

Unions have the RV, the citizens have done it. The spontaneous movement of angry yellow vests against rising fuel prices gathered yesterday 3,000 protesters, Chtellerault.

First, in the morning, in the north zone, at its roundabout – well-known – main yellow, before a snail operation until Leclerc.
Then in the afternoon, part of the corridor went to the other end of the city, the southern zone, where the yellow vests were placed at the roundabout Pierre-Brossollette.

Large areas need to be closed
their doors

The strategy was clear: filter the roundabouts with pallets and block the squadrons (Leclerc, Auchan, Aldi, Intermarch …). With tires and trolleys scattered on different entrances, one of which closed with two ambulances.
During this rather peaceful rally, there were no significant incidents except some impatient drivers dark on us one of Auchan's dams, you witnessed a young woman.
In the end, the supermarkets ended up closing their doors.
Gilbert Rabaud and Monique Ricateau, who declared the demonstration in the Prefecture, explain: We do not exclude the streets, but the gas stations and the supermarkets, in short, whatever comes in the pockets of the state, Macron!
The flush is general and far exceeds the rise in fuel prices the drop of water that made the overflow pot. In the brochures distributed, we can read the reasons for the wrath of the citizens: Pages, Fuels, Mutual Funds, CSG, Pensions, New Technical Inspection, Labor Law, Unemployment …

The Yarn of Yellow Vests

This anger connects the decline in purchasing power, yellow vests have made sound slogans (Absorption Macron!), whistles, tapes, drums and motorcycles.
In this sung version of 2018, a few roses flags flourished in the crowd, repeating the song of a Marseillaise Review of the opportunity (Yellow Zone Hymn): Let kids go home, the Yellow Vests arrive, Macronie against us, no one will stop us …

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