Wednesday , May 31 2023

In Limoges, a former contender on reality TV, he puts the yellow vest


He changes his dress according to his passions and struggles. This time, it's a yellow vest that will be dressed up with Christophe Lechevallier, 50 years old, to fight the rise in fuel prices in Limoges. Former TV candidate, in fact, a former trade union official, a candidate for the Legislative Assembly twice for the Ministry of Health and then for a former sympathetic FN, the man has the habit of being involved.

In 2008, viewers of M6 discover this farmer from Haute-Vienne in "Love is in the meadow." There he meets Sandrine, a flight attendant with whom he will stay for a year and enjoys the broadcast of a small local reputation.

In 2010, Christophe Lechevallier becomes General Secretary of the Federation of Agricultural Trade Unions (FDSEA). Before staying politely "give up". His engagement with Marine Le Pen and the arrival of the political leader in his presidential election function were not for the benefit of national officials.

Farmers are also affected

"Since then, I have withdrawn from politics, and the 17 November movement is also apolitical," says Christopher Lekevale today. Organizing an event of this type, along with three other leaders from a different professional background, does not scare him. On the contrary. "I'm used to it, I've made many demonstrations, I've got skills in organizing, mentoring, the lessons I enjoy from friends." Close yourself to the light again. "We are necessarily exposed, but if I am here, it is to defend the causes."

The mobilization in Haute-Vienne is mainly via the Internet. "We have published a number of brochures, but very few, we have organized our concentration according to two parameters: we want the procession to be great and there is no crash, which is why the event will not be a pedestrian but in the form of a snail function. We know, it is paradoxical to be in the car to fight against the increase in fuel, but just the vehicles are necessary for us … even to manifest themselves.

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Today, head of a farm of 240 hectares and 350 cattle, the man is also committed to his colleagues, he says. "In agriculture, GNR (Editor's note: non-diesel) for tractors increased from 0,50 to 0,87 per liter in one year. It's huge. A farmer who uses 20 000 liters a year gets an increase of € 8 000! If I organize the event, I have to defend the friends and citizens of my farmers. "

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