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Michael Youn, the day he surprised his girlfriend with another man


The guest of "The Soundtrack" of Nagui in French International Monday, Michael Youn remembered a painful moment of his love.

Nagui received Camille Chamoux and Michaël Youn on Monday to talk about TV movie TF1 "The Day I Made My Heart". The actor plays Sabine, his mother Jonathan, a teenager harassed by her classmates, trying to kill himself by burning the fire. The former host of the Morning Live camp, meanwhile, is the director of the school where the young man turns. Along with the screening of the film inspired by Jonathan Destin's true story, the two actors named songs they listened to on specific dates. Michaël Youn explained that in 2006, he heard the loop "The Daughter of the Ventilator" Damien Rice after a disappointment in love. He gave some details about this difficult break in the "The Soundtrack" microphone. That year, he turned "uncontrollable" to France, while his "girlfriend at that time", which the name does not say, turned to Vancouver, Canada. The shooting of "uncontrollable" had to be interrupted for ten days after the actor accidentally injured the eyebrow Hélène de Fougerolles during a squash scene.

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Michaël Youn took advantage of this stop in shooting to surprise his companion celebrating his birthday. "I get an airplane, I buy when I get to Vancouver a very beautiful flower bouquet. I'm in the lobby of the hotel, I'm waiting for it because I know it will come back behind the filming, "explains. If his partner arrives at the hotel with the crew of his film as planned, Michaël Youn did not expect the scene to follow. "It's behind, I see her go to the bench and kisses the producer of the film in her mouth saying" I'll see you later, "he remembers again. I gave her her bouquet of flowers and I returned to Paris. "" It was not the woman of your life, "Nagui relativized after hearing the anecdote. Two years after the events, Michaël Youn was in relation to Isabelle Funaro, his daughter's mother, Seven.

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