Saturday , August 13 2022

Michelin wants to close a plant with 850 employees in the UK


The team believes that the site is not "financially viable" to Asian competition.

Michelin tire manufacturer announced on Monday his intention to close down by mid 2020 the Scottish factory in Dundee, which employs 845 people, especially against Asian competition.

"Michelin had to agree to announce its intention to close the Dundee plant by the middle of 2020" in eastern Scotland, the French team said in a statement.

This website, opened in 1971, produces exclusively Michelin brand tires in dimensions of 16 inches and below for passenger cars. However, the company reports a "structural decline in demand" for these quality tires in these dimensions.

The team adds that it notes "an accelerated development of the supply of 16-inch tires at low-cost, low-cost products in Asia." According to Michelin, the site is "inappropriate and its conversion is not economically viable", while € 70 million has been invested for modernization in recent years.


The Scottish government said the announcement was a "disastrous news" for "the whole city of Dundee." "My immediate priority is to try to find a sustainable future for the job protection area," said Scottish Economy Minister Derek McKay, who will visit the region on Tuesday.

The United Unite Union sent a "hit in Dundee". "It would be disastrous and betrayal of workers who have accepted significant changes in their working conditions to ensure a long-term future for the region," said Pat Rafferty from Unite. The union said it was ready to fight "tooth and nail to save the factory".

Michelin, for its part, has promised to pay increased severance payments, the introduction of special measures for employees at the end of their career, and a comprehensive plan that will allow the workers concerned to access a new project as soon as possible. professional.

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