Thursday , June 8 2023

Nîmes: a case of indigenous dengue diagnosed


A patient suffering from dengue fever was measured last weekend in Nîmes. His research this indigenous case of dengue fever is under way in the Occitanie Regional Health Organization.

The person was taken over by his doctor. Today's health is not a concern.

Gard is the second division of the Occitania region to deal with this problematic situation. Two cases of native teachers were held in Hérault in early October.

Dengue is generally a benign disease whose symptoms, similar to those of influenza (high fever, joint pain, vomiting), may be temporarily deactivated.
This disease is transmitted through a tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) previously infected with the virus. can become a carrier of the disease and pass it on to a healthy person.

Since the beginning of seasonal supervision, the vast majority of cases reported at national level are "imported" cases, compared with travelers returning to France. A case is said to be "authentic" when a person gets the disease without having traveled to an infected area within 15 days of the onset of the symptoms.

Enhanced prevention measures

In order to prevent the possible spread of the virus, enhanced health prevention and monitoring measures are in place. They mobilize the state services, ARS Occitanie, France's Public Health, and healthcare professionals and mosquito control bodies (EID Mediterranean).

A close epidemiological investigation is conducted near the potential site of infection to identify possible other individuals with symptoms. Health professionals (general practitioners, pharmacists and laboratories) are also briefed on identifying patients and reporting them to the LRA, mobilizing surveillance tools as quickly as possible and confirming or not the reported cases.

Current weather in Gard is not conducive to the activity of tiger mosquitoes.
However, targeted mosquito control activities around the place of residence of the person concerned and the places where they have visited, to eradicate larval areas and adult mosquitoes to prevent the spread of the virus.

These targeted mosquito control actions are systematically accompanied by an information campaign for local residents.

Good habits to adopt mosquitoes

Authorities can not fight alone against mosquito-transmitted diseases and the population remains the main factor in the struggle to limit mosquito propagation.
Each one, changing his behavior, can protect himself and protect his family. It is very important to protect yourself from mosquito bites (wearing caps and loose clothing and impregnating them with insecticide using a skin repellent, recommended by your pharmacist, skin areas discovered …).

In addition, by taking simple and simple gestures, anyone can participate in the fight against the spread of tiger mosquitoes. In particular, it is very important to remove the stagnant water, which allows the mosquito to be reproduced around its home, by doing the following: remove the pots from the pots or fill them with sand, change the water vats several times a week , check gutter flow, retreat from rain or remove used tires and any other item that can be filled with water etc …

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