Sunday , September 25 2022

Yellow vests in Angoulême-Soyaux-Champniers: free STGA buses once released


-> a regularly updated card that summarizes the points of the block

-> A snail company is in progress at D1000 between Géant de Champniers and Soyaux.

Here is the map that summarizes the current obstacles.

Position 11:30

Representatives of the Yellow Vests met with Jean-François Dauré, president of GrandAngoulême this morning. They had agreed to the idea of ​​circulating buses for the day. The experiment was to be carried out on Line 1 between Ruelle and La Couronne. "But the deal was not made possible due to the structure of the jamming, especially at Girac, the buses could not have passed, and another block was set up at the Patapain level, so no more could not have passed." By common agreement, we decided to suspend the agreement, with regret ", explains Jean-François Dauré. The Yellow Vests gave orders to demonstrators on the ground to cross the buses, but other initiatives have disturbed these plans. Jean François Dauré suggests, however, that "The STGA is ready to take the buses that go as soon as they can reach and everything will be free this Saturday".

Position 11:20

Cyclists arrive at the Carrefour roundabout at Soyaux. Elected officials, like Didier Jobit, wore their tricolor scarf over their yellow vest.

Position at 11 am

In Angoulême and in agglo, the movement is being watched a lot. At the Soyaux roundabout, protesters are increasingly likely to wait for the procession expected around 11:30 am here. There is a filtering dam at the Effamiers Soyaux roundabout that causes a slowdown in RD 939, the Périgueux road, shows the county, which calls for avoidance of travel in the Angoulême district.

Free Charente


The access ramp on the D1000 bridge at the Anguienne Bridge has been blocked. A snail company from Maine de Boixe must become Champniers. At the roundabout of the Carrefour Soyaux, there are dozens of yellow vests while waiting for the procession left earlier by Géant Champniers. Many plugs have already been formed, despite limited traffic. Protesters slow down traffic by slowly passing pedestrian walkways. The atmosphere is generally calm.

The stops are in Géant's parking area in Champniers. And there are too many! Then they will leave for a snail company at D 1000.

Free Charente

Photographic credit: Renaud Joubert

Free Charente

Photographic credit: Renaud Joubert

Free Charente

Free Charente

Photographic credit: Marie-France Dumout

Free Charente


A good thirty yellow vests occupy, from Saturday morning 4:30, the STGA deposit environment in Angouleme. No buses can be released in the band, the signs of space are blocked by demonstrators' vehicles. Yellow vests request free transportation for the day in exchange for the release.

They state that this measure would allow people to move while the cost of the pump would explode. "The STGA administration was on the spot early in the morning on Saturday.

After vainly trying to get the release, the company published a statement on her website: "Some people from the" yellow vest "display today block the STGA bus depot, buses can not leave the warehouse. As soon as the situation develops, the service will be resumed normally, and the protesters are planning at this stage to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday on the spot.

We will make the highlights of this event live. Find the locking points on the map.

Free Charente

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