Monday , October 3 2022

After criticizing the human rights situation, China pushes members of the parliament


A parliamentary debate on the human rights situation in China has as a consequence: The Chinese embassy indirectly threatens the consequences for German-Chinese relations.

From Arne Meyer-Fünffinger and Daniel Pokraka

In a four-letter letter, the Chinese Embassy addressed the government and the Bundestag directly. She calls her document a demarche. This is unusual, because in diplomacy such a protest note is usually addressed to government agencies, not to MPs. In the letter, the Chinese embassy said it was extremely unhappy that the House of the Greens examined the so-called "human rights situation" in Xinjiang province.

There is also talk of arbitrary accusations and a serious violation of China's sovereignty. At the end of the letter, their message calls for their concerns to be taken seriously to ensure that "Germany-China relations continue to move in the right direction".

Calls from the Embassy

The member of the Munich Green Bundestag, Margarete Bause, said BRprotects itself from such interference, warnings or even threats. At Baus's office, an embassy employee had also called to express the dissatisfaction of the Chinese in this way.

Reports of the Renaissance Camp in Xinjiang

In the Chinese province of Xinjiang, according to human rights organizations, Muslims, such as the Uighurs, are subject to retaliation.

It is estimated that one million Uighurs are in re-creation camps. The Federal Immigration and Refugee Agency advises the competent authorities in Germany not to expel Uighurs to China. In addition, the Nuremberg Authority departs for information BR Hungary's negative decisions on asylum.

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