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After electrocution in the supermarket. Father: "I wanted someone to help" – Hamburg


Hamburg – A father goes to the supermarket with his son Jonathan († 4) on June 1, 2016. At the reception, the child suddenly collapses, his eyes open. The next day he's dead, because he should have been electrocuted. Now supermarket operators are in court.

A 44-year-old man and his 48-year-old sister are accused of negligent homicide. They should either have the power line installed correctly for an LED transformer or have outsourced the work. As a result, electricity was flowing into a metal railing at the cash desk, which touched the boy. Even a layman could recognize that the work became dilettantisch, the prosecutor said.

"Jonathan always kept us awake, he was smart and advanced for his age. He was happy and happy that day," says father David B. (37, Maurer). He is crying at Harburg District Court. Next to him is Sevnic B., Jonathan's mother, a co-claimant. Again and again her tears fall on her face.

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Photo by Stefan Essi

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The 4-year-old mother with her lawyer Photo by Stefan Essi

About BILD: "Family life is being destroyed".

The father tells the court of the day that he will never forget. Jonathan was on the dashboard for drinks, then I saw his head fall in his hand, with one hand grabbing the railing on the counter, he could not move, I also electrocuted the pole. I ran away from the railing, there was no sound from him, his eyes open, he breathed three more times.

"It took about 25 or 30 minutes to reach the ambulance, his lips were totally blue, and someone wanted to help me!" The little boy died the next night.

A judge leaves no doubt about the cause of death: "There was a cardiac arrest, a complete heart attack of the whole heart muscle, the cause of death was influence."

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Photo by Stefan Essi

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He blamed Erol A. in the courtroom Photo by Stefan Essi

The two defendants did not want to give details of the case to the supermarket on Tuesday. The defender of Erol A., defense lawyer Gerald Goecke, addresses his parents in the courthouse, speaking of "the infinite pain that we all can understand."

However, defense wants to "fight for discharge". And further, "The defendants were unaware of the unwarranted power point".

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