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Aldi with new branches – then a customer exposes the discount


Aldi Süd is in the process of modernizing its own branches – then a customer reveals that some problems are not dependent on modernization.

A wave of Aufhübschungs diffused over Germany: First McDonalds announced they wanted to be a real restaurant with An-the-table service. And in 2016, Aldi Süd also proceeded: Away from the cheap image, from shelves instead of cardboard boxes and pallets, from clear constructions and from clear offer instead of garbage tables.

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In many sectors of Germany you can already evaluate the changes. And as is often the case with innovations, not all customers are convinced. The criticism of a customer shopping one evening at around 18:15 clock is completely understandable: when he walked through the modern new discounters corridors after work, he found the vegetable rack before the leave. No cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes or avocado – obviously, the other customers before it had bought the entire license series. It's not for the first time, obviously.

Aldi answers immediately – but he can not really help

He immediately wrote on the Facebook page of the discounter the following suggestions: "Dear Aldi Süd, I think the new Aldi stores are really stylish, but it is regrettable that at night at 18:15 the shelves are already empty. with us all the time so I do not know what I think is best: beautiful branches or full shelves. "

He immediately responded to the PR department of Aldi Süd: He was happy that he liked the modernized industry but did not want to have to compromise. As a result, the customer was asked, "Send us your contribution again by email at [email protected] and let us know about the location of the branch so that we can inform our colleagues on the site."

Only foolish: At this e-mail address, the woman had already sent a message several times – and never happened: "If I have it right on my head, at least five emails have gone to you, with this very illness. Another answer from Aldi was immediate: "Sorry! In any case, we will pass your report again! "It has not been known whether something has changed in the meantime

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Where are the causes?

The conclusion is obvious, to promote this lack in the new business idea: Someone wants to show the goods attractive and hence builds on shelves instead of pallets. But that could mean that there is simply less space available. The Huffington Post ask Aldi Nord and get the following answer:

"With careful planning, based on years of experience, we always try to have a lot of merchandise in our stores, and everyday orders in every single branch ensure that the products are fresh and sufficiently available at all times, and at the same time fewer For order-specific orders from our vendors, branch managers use an intelligent ordering system that records this the required products and order them accordingly. At present there are no delivery problems. "

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