Friday , February 3 2023

DAX is weaker – Asian stock markets eventually split – Commerzbank expects inflation to be up to 5 percent – Bayer wants to raise billions to sell ESP – LEG, ADLER Group, Tesla, RWE in the spotlight | news


The new week in the German stock market begins with discounts.

From DAX It opened with a loss of 0.6 percent with 15,115.46 points and is weak in the next course. However, a lot is changing. From TecDAX At the opening, it decreased by 0.16 percent to 3,581.95 points.

Guidelines from Asia and the United States are mixed, and according to dpa-AFX, JPMorgan investment bank’s investment strategists expect investors to continue to change until the end of the year – which is characterized by an increase in bond yields.

Helaba market expert Christian Schmidt estimates that the DAX’s recovery potential is currently limited. Moreover, it is questionable from which direction the new impulses will come. According to Dpa-AFX, according to Schmidt, the U.S. quarterly reporting season, which is accelerating this week, could act as a driving force.

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European stock markets traded lower on Monday.

From EuroSTOXX 50 gained only 4,071.15 points, losing only 0.05 percent at the opening, and is now more clearly in red.

At the beginning of the week, everything will be calm on European stock exchanges. Only a few economic data are on the agenda. In the eurozone, production data emerged that Italian industry was slightly better than expected. In addition, some important central bankers, including ECB chief economist Philip Lane, are still talking today.

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Wall Street introduced itself cautiously on Friday.

That’s how the leading US index began Dow Jones after turning around the zero line, it eventually fell 0.03 percent to close at 34,746.25 points. In addition, there was a technological value index NASDAQ Composite Initially, it increased by 0.51 percent to 14,579.54 meters.

The latest labor market report for September contains light and shadow. Unemployment fell sharply, but employment rose more slowly than expected. It is doubtful whether this information will prompt the US Federal Reserve to reconsider its monetary policy plans. According to Dow Jones Newswires, Thomas Altmann of QC Partners commented, “The report is difficult to read.”

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Most of the most important Asian indices rose on Monday.

The leading index rose in Japan Nikkei until the last call reached 28,498.20 points at a rate of 1.60 percent.

Closed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai Composite on the contrary, it remained almost unchanged at 3,591.71 meters (-0.01 percent). Published in Hong Kong Asın Seng 25,325.09 units with a strong profit of 1.96 percent at the end of trading.

Traders justified the price increase by negotiations to normalize tense economic relations between the United States and China.

Shares of Chinese real estate group Evergrande stopped trading in Hong Kong earlier this week. The group is expected to pay more than $ 148 million in coupons on Monday.

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