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It's about 130,000 euros: the prosecutor wants to investigate against AfD Weidel's leader for illegal donations


Letters on the necessary abolition of parliamentary immunity were sent to the German Parliament, said Konstanz Prosecutor Andreas Mathy, the German press organization in Stuttgart.

Power is due to coverage of party donations by the media and to a criminal complaint required to investigate allegations. However, it was not clear if there was a real offense. An investigation can only begin if the immunity of members of the Federal Parliament is abolished. There is a 48-hour deadline, which ends on Friday.

"Alice Weidel Campaign Donation"

As the purpose of the payments in each case was "the Alice Weidel campaign donation" was set, the Konstanz authority announced in a press release on Wednesday.

In the case of a dubious great donation for Weidel's election campaign, new details were revealed daily. The name of the donor, who had sent the money from Switzerland to Weidels Kreisverband am Bodensee, remains in the dark.

"Obviously missing a donation"

The regional union treasurer Brigitte Hinger told the German press agency on Wednesday that it had in spring the repayment of about 130,000 euros, which came in the last year in individual installments from Switzerland. Prior to this, doubts about legality had arisen on the board of directors of the regional union.

The mission had "apparently lost a donation." The fact that these 8,000 euros had not been returned so far was only at the beginning of the week due to the media coverage of the issue.

With Money Buying Facebook "Likes"

The money was, according to data from AfD last year by a Swiss pharmaceutical company for the "Alice Weidel Campaign Donation" has been transferred. Among other things, Weidel had used the money to buy "like" for her Facebook page and paid legal bills.

The board of directors of Zurich, PWS Pharmawholesale International AG, said at the request of WDR, NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung, the CEO of the company had transferred the money "to trust for a business friend." Donations in excess of € 1,000 per year and donors from third countries are illegal. Unless the donor is a German.

The regional club covers Weidel

Weidel received support from its regional organization. Weidel is the least responsible, said Hans Hausberger, a board member. This is a problem for Landesschatzmeister Frank Kral. This did not help the regional union to deal with the donation.

Hausberg said that when the large sums of money from an unknown prostate had fallen from Switzerland, Kreisschatzmeister had heard the alarm and contacted the Landesschatzmeister Kral several times. "He responded flexibly," Hausberger said. Eventually, they informed Weidel, who then decided to return the money.

Further research is pending

Weidel is the leader of the AFD parliamentary group, a member of the party's federal executive and deputy chairman of the regional union. According to the reports, the federal official wants to discuss the issue Friday, according to the law on parties, a party that has received illegal donations and has not forwarded it to the President of the House, is fined three times.

Even with no results, investigations into promotional activities for AfD by the Union for the rule of law and civil liberties. It was reported by the federal parliament administration, they continue to check if they are so-called "parallel actions or whether the opposition of measures by the party should be recorded as a grant".

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