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Lecture: Osteoporosis – when the bones are fragile


Orthopedic Director Dr. Frank Bischof (Photo: Helios)

Duisburg. As people get older, many people suffer from osteoporosis. What exactly is behind the term? What are the risk factors? How can you prevent the disease and what can you do if you already have osteoporosis? On the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day, which is celebrated every year on October 20, Dr. Helios Cuisine Duisburg-Homberg and Helios St. on all aspects of osteoporosis. Anna Clinic Duisburg President of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery Frank Bischof.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, bones are not a solid structure. On the contrary: our bones are alive and made up of active tissue. Their durability is based on bone density, ie the mass of minerals and proteins in volume, bone structure, ie the “architectural” relationship of bone components. Both bone density and bone structure change over a lifetime – and thus bone stability. At the age of about 35, they reach the highest stability. Then it sinks. If it falls below a critical range that can be shown by measuring bone density, it is referred to as osteoporosis, also known as bone loss.

Risk factors

How quickly bone strength declines depends on a variety of factors, some of which we can affect and some of which we cannot. Age and hereditary predisposition cannot affect. Women are affected earlier and significantly more than men – for hormonal reasons, especially unborn women. Low body weight is often an uncontrollable risk factor due to body size.

Factors that can affect us include smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, and a lack of calcium and the “sun hormone” vitamin D. But exercise has the biggest effect: physical activity strengthens our bones. Directly – but also indirectly, because the trained muscles and the sense of balance applied improve coordination and confident legs and thus protect against falls.

Fall rarely comes alone

The main cause of bone fractures in old age is falling. One fatal thing to do in this regard: Muscle and bone mass decreases rapidly while lying in bed, which significantly increases the risk of further falls and bone fractures. Here it is important to get up quickly in the true sense of the word. Proper rehabilitation of orthopedic and traumatic surgeries with appropriate rehabilitation measures allows to maintain mobility and thus quality of life.

You can do it yourself

The foundation of healthy bones is laid in childhood. Active young people gain more bone mass – they can eat longer as they get older. But it’s never too late for regular physical activity: Motivation stimulates the body to maintain bone density and structure. The combination of strength, endurance and coordination training has been shown to be particularly effective in sports medicine research. If exercise takes place outdoors during the day, essential vitamin D is formed at the same time. Like calcium, vitamins can be provided by a varied and balanced diet.

As you grow older, more attention should be paid to the prevention of the enemy: the elimination of the dangers of exposure in the home, the provision of good lighting and compensation of ametropia by visual means.

Medical options

Osteoporosis can have a positive effect with long-term drug treatment. A family doctor or resident geriatrician is often the first point of contact here. You can also use a blood count to determine calcium and vitamin D levels.

Lecture on the topic

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. Helios St. in Bischof, Duisburg -Huckingen. He gave a lecture on “Typical injuries in osteoporosis – prevention, diagnosis and treatment” in the cafeteria of Anna Clinic. It highlights the risk factors that contribute to the development of “bone loss”, treatment options for injuries caused by osteoporosis, and modern procedures. After the 45-minute lecture, you will have the opportunity to ask individual questions and discuss with a specialist.

Free event 20 October 2021 Wednesday at 17:00 Albertus-Magnus-Str. Helios St. It will be held in the cafeteria of Anna Clinic. 33, 47259 Duisburg, Germany. Due to the limited number of participants, pre-registration is required by e-mail [email protected] or by phone (02066) 29-1605. 3G is applied.

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