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Live Ticker ATP Finals: Zverev starts fiercely against Federer


ATP Finals on Live Ticker: 7: 5, 4: 4! Zevrev gets the whole 1 and is back in the second against Federer

At the end of a long period, Alexander Zevref sins once again correctly. For the first time he is in the semifinals of the ATP finals in London. There, the German star of tennis meets the great idol of Roger Federer. The FOCUS Online live ticker game.

Alexander Zverev – Roger Federer 1: 0 (7: 5, 4: 4)

2nd move (7: 5, 4: 4): Federer with two balls and then with force. But Zverev responds with a strong first serve. 30:15.

2nd Set (7: 5, 4: 4): This was important for FedEx now. 4: 4

2nd movement (7: 5, 4: 3): But he's Federer, he's suddenly there. Oldie makes three very strong balls 0:30 40:30.

2nd movement (7: 5, 4: 3): Federer error, then it's too slow for Zverev's backhand. Momentum clearly German – 0:30!

2nd move (7: 5, 4: 3): There is no problem. 4: 3 for Zverev

2nd movement (7: 5, 3: 3): But Zverev continues to serve extremely well. Very fast three balls for the 21-year-old!

2nd movement (7: 5, 3: 3): He uses the second ball. There is the "come on" in Switzerland. 3: 3

2nd movement (7: 5, 3: 2): Two times the first serve in Federer, twice goes to the net, twice the point. two toy balls.

2nd movement (7: 5, 3: 2): Federer must be careful. Again, the little mistake. Then it comes in the net – 15:15.

2nd set (7: 5, 3: 2): class response to the remainder in the second set of Zverev. The German is completely behind!

2nd move (7: 5, 2: 2): But again and again simple mistakes of Federer. You do not necessarily know this from him. 30: 0th

Rebreak Zverev

2nd move (7: 5, 2: 2): And it's really spectacular back and forth. Federer with the forehand just off. Rebreak!

2nd move (7: 5, 1: 2): Simple mistakes of Zverev with the backhand! But then the winner forehand. Two chances of repeating for the Germans!

2nd move (7: 5, 1: 2): From Federer's point of view, it is important to confirm the break. Two simple mistakes but from the Swiss – 0:30! Both players now in 30 non-mandatory mistakes.

Federer break

2nd move (7: 5, 1: 2): But then the backhand line from Federer. There is a break!

2nd movement (7: 5, 1: 1): The longest rally of the game – 24 strokes. In the end then the error from FedEx. Zverev does it well. Only 30:40!

2nd movement (7: 5, 1: 1): Forehand Winner Federer! Zevvee looks at the thing but again. The ball was clearly in it. Three stop options for Federer.

2nd movement (7: 5, 1: 1): Federer pushes himself, good body language from him after one point – 0:30!

2nd movement (7: 5, 1: 1): The game is won by Federer!

2nd move (7: 5, 1: 0): But Federer is still here. Now a strong forehand winner of the tennis legend. 40: 0!

2nd move (7: 5, 1: 0): No problem. Of course not. The first game goes straight to Zverev.

2nd move (7: 5, 0: 0): How does Federer react now? Zverev was clearly the best player in the first set. And the young man starts again loud. Three balls!

Zverev gets set 1

1st move (7: 5): Here's the break, here's the proposal. What a Zeevee idea!

1st move (6: 5): World class by Zverev! German takes a good ball from Federer and places him perfectly in the corner. Unbelievable! Three balls for Zverev!

1st move (6: 5): Zverev uses the third ball. 6: 5 for the Germans!

1st move (5: 5): But Zverev does it so incredibly. Then, a long backhand winner. Very powerful. Federer has been waiting for the cross-over – 40: 0!

1st move (5: 5): There is no problem for myth. 5: 5 Continues to the first sentence.

1st sentence (5: 4): Now Federer puts pressure on his own impact, he must bring his service through. Good time in Zverev, but then the simple mistake. Federer brings the service to the man, the return of Zverev goes to the net. Three balls for Federer now!

1st sentence (5: 4): For zero! That looks very good, what Zverev is doing here on the floor.

1st sentence (4: 4): Now winner and ace in Zverev, who has been a big hit so far. A mistake by Federer and three balls for the German youngster.

1st sentence (4: 4): Zverev is the best player so far. Federer gains almost exclusively from the mistakes of the Germans. But then a service winner and an ace – 4: 4!

Zverev outstanding

1st set (4: 3): Ace! 4: 3!

1st move (3: 3): Simple error by Federer. Then, strong volleyball on the front of Zverev's net. A game for the Germans!

1st move (3: 3): Wow! What game here at the beginning. Zverev much stronger, Federer only on defensive. But he can do that. Again the blow to the opponent's body. At 15:30.

1st move (3: 3): Federer gets the game. Big duel of the two on the net. In the end Federer shoots Zverev, who can not react quickly enough.

1st sentence (3: 2): Very powerful game from Zverev. The German always seeks the way to the net and is successful. So far, both actors have been able to maintain their service. 30:15 now at the Federer service.

15.30 hours: Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. Semifinals of the final ATP in London between Alexander Zverev and Roger Federer. We go directly to the game with 3: 2 for the German.

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