Tuesday , October 4 2022

London: Stephen Hawking's property was auctioned


He was considered the star of astrophysics – now personal items were auctioned by Stephen Hawking at an online auction. His offer included his wheelchair, a doctoral dissertation – and a "Simpsons" script.

Details of the astrophysicist's estate Stephen Hawking have come under the hammer at Christie's auction. His wheelchair, for example, was auctioned for £ 296,750, equivalent to € 341,000. Approximately € 17,000 was estimated.

The original of the 1965 dissertation went to an unknown bidder for an offer of 675,000 euros – the price was three times that expected, as announced by the Christie's auction. Their value is estimated at 170,000 euros. Hawkings had worked on ideas about the origins of the universe for his work at the University of Cambridge. Several medals and awards at Hawkings have reached almost 340,000 euros.

The "Simpsons" Auction Script

The proceeds from the property auction will be donated to charity – the Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neurone Disease Association, an organization dedicated to the study of motor neurone disease.

The researcher, who died in Cambridge on March 14 at the age of 76, suffered from incurable muscular and neurological Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). For decades, Hawking was almost totally impossible to move, but that did not prevent him from further research and numerous travels around the world. He developed theories about the origin of the universe and the black holes.

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking: After his death he now appears his last book. (Source: Reuters / Valentin Flauraud)The famous physicist Stephen Hawking: After his death he now appears his last book. (Source: Valentin Flauraud / Reuters)

In addition to the scientific work, the script also offered a script for the moving series "The Simpsons" in which Hawking appeared. posted

Hawkings was considered the star of science and also dealt with popular themes such as time travel and aliens. His book "A Short History of Time" has been sold millions of times.

His ashes were buried in the London Church of the Westminster Abbey – between the graves of the tall Isaac Newton and the naturalist Charles Darwin.

Christie has also auctioned souvenirs by Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin as part of the online auction "On the Shoulders of Giants". Total revenues of approximately € 2.1 million were achieved.

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