Tuesday , October 4 2022

Rape in Fürth: Police announce details


After arresting an emergency suspect, the police at a press conference further analyzes the rape case on 3 November at the Fürth Pegnitzgrund. The arrested is therefore a 37-year-old man born in Fürth of Turkish nationality.

Visits to the DNA database

Recognized by the victim and by a second person, Philip Engl of the Nuremberg-Fürth Prosecutor said at a press conference. In addition, DNA of the alleged actor was secured, which led to a clear hit in the database. The man admitted that he was present on the crime scene but was not responsible for the rape.

In fact, the prisoner is not a stranger to justice and has an important criminal record – not because of sex offenses, but because of drugs and violence. More recently, he was jailed until June 2018. According to Prosecutor Engl's spokesman, the man is forced to leave, deportation is currently suspended.

Investigations not yet completed

According to the police, the investigators received several reports after the publication of a witness call, which led to the identification of the human being. The 37-year-old was then arrested on Wednesday night (07.11.18) at a friend's house. In addition, the data could be secured during the search of the apartment. The investigation continues, as there are still questions about the details of the crime, Engl said.

"Particularly fearless act"

Police President Roman Fertinger spoke at the press conference on a very unusual affair, as the rape took place in a raid and the woman was obviously a victim of the crime. A link to a similar case involving two perpetrators, which happened in Nuremberg last August, will be further explored. The victim of a "particularly frank act" is under police custody, according to Fertinger.

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