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Report: Wenger assumes coach position in Milan – deal "bargain"


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In the last 13 games he lost only 2 times, 6 of the last 8 won, currently 4th and therefore before Lazio and Roma (who I personally see a technical team before Milan) and with Gattuso someone who is 100% Milan and now you want him to change his departure to Arsenal for 4 years too long, not breaking anything more and actually staying in Arsenal after 2006 only for a downward course … Well, it will fit very well if Milan he wants the chaos again.

So how can you exchange Gattuso for Wenger.
All you can say to Gattuso is that he has lost the big, against Betis in El and the championship against Napoli and at the last minute against Inter.
If Milan loses from Juve this could be the time of the exchange, but well, Lazio and Roma will be happy …

At least the Roma will return someday, they can get small obstacles. If you throw it away after losing Juve (it will happen with certainty), that would be quite poor of Milan. The club is even more ridiculous than it is already.

For the same view, my common sense was discussed at the Milan Forum <img title = "grins" src = "" alt = "grins”/>

The problem here is how victories have been withdrawn. The last two games, e.g. were drawn in the last minutes of the game. Surely – Gattuso has achieved something, but still there have been victories that have made much of luck.

In any case. I think nothing of Wenger as a coach of Milan. But if I am now will show the future <img title = "wink" src = "" alt = "wink”/>

But we finally won and that's the point, today Milan must be just as important as winning.
Whether football is not attractive and there are 10 clubs with more clubs in the championship or other dominant game makers … All in all, only the results have to be at the top of Milan and that's exactly what Gattuso meets.

What good is playing beautiful football, where you say good that it looks nice if you then like it. B Fiorenrina has nothing to do with CL.
For Fiorenrina ok, unacceptable for Milan, but the situation has been a long time and if it continues perhaps more than a decade … Inter has played under Spalletti in part football was the playful theme before the Serie level C, have voted and in the end you were only 4th and no one was eating more than last season because Inter is now back to CL.
In soccer fields, everyone wants beautiful football, but everyone who opposes does not know most, but the fact is that Gattuso brings results (like the second in the rankings) and is now in fourth place with Milan.

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