Monday , May 29 2023

Sabine Heinrich will have to pay € 86,700


Especially in the garages of German cities, it can be a matter of stress, after the snapping of Saturday's markets to put the parking ticket on the machine: How expensive will this time be? It is not often followed by an unpleasant surprise – but it is usually not as bad as those that Sabine Heinrich now had to experience in a garage in Cologne: 86,700 euros show the screen. According to this, the WDR presenter will charge the parking fee for almost 12 years from 1 January 2007.

Heinrich published a photo of the strange automated appearance at Instagram, with the comment: "Um … no one has changed for me?" The bestselling author gets the subject with humor and delivers the explanation right away – the card was wrong: "Do not worry, I do not have to stay in the garage forever."

Sabine Heinrich: "Has anyone changed?"

Even if he wanted to, but it would be hard for Henry to pay the horrible amount, because with his bronze request, the automated machine also shows a maximum value of € 20 – which brings this little horrifying story out of everyday life, line,

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