Tuesday , October 4 2022

Sunday Week Amazon Cyber: The Best Deals


Echo Dot is an affordable entry into the world of Alexa. Amazon has now released the intelligent speaker in the 3rd generation and is equipped with a better sound and stylish cloth cover.

As part of Sunday's countdown, Amazon will reduce the prices of the previous Echo Dot (2nd) and the brand new 3rd generation model by 50%. So its price Echo Dot (2nd Gen)from an initial EUR 49.99 per 24.99 euros (directly to the offer). The first one was presented in October Echo Dot (3rd Gen) today it costs instead of 59.99 euros only 29.99 euros (directly to the offer).

assessmentWith Echo Dot, you can get to know all the features of Alexa and upgrade your house smart with little money. Since the latest version of Echo Dot has a lot more to offer than its predecessors, it is worth the extra 5 euro charge if you also want to listen to music through the loudspeaker.

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