Thursday , February 2 2023

Athens School of Philosophy closed today to avoid the "Rubikon" party | Hellas


According to the exclusive information of the "K", the padlock was decided at the School of Philosophy on Wednesday, November 7, where the rebetiko feast was scheduled by the members of Rubikon, on the terrace opposite the 4th floor canteen.

The decision was taken shortly before the completion of Tuesday's courses in order to prevent the reactions of student organizations that are ideologically attached to anarchist collectivity.

Read the School Announcement issued on Tuesday, November 6th

"The Dean of the School of Philosophy, consistent with her attitude towards the arbitrary presence of the" Anarchist Collectivity of Rubikon "in the School and refusing to accept her announced yesterday's action, announces that tomorrow, Wednesday 7/11/2018, the School will remain symbolically closed ".

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