Monday , October 3 2022

Donovan Mitchell took 35 shots and gave no assistant –


"Zero Assist. This can not be the case". The statements do not belong to Snaider, the Jazz coach, but to the man who took the 35 attempts to confront the Siegers without giving one assistant! Donovan Mitchell understood his mistake after the show, but that does not absolve him of the charges.

With 12/24 two, 1/11 three-point and 4/7 in the shots, he should figure out how he destroys his team before he gets loser in the locker room and writes his name in NBA's history books.

In order to understand the … greatness of Mitchell's appearance, it is worth mentioning that the last time a player took so many attempts without giving assists and had less than 31 points was Elvis Heigh in the distant 1969. There is, of course, the Karlemelo Anthony phenomenon, who also had 35 shots 4 years ago and no assists with a significant difference. Melo wrote 62 points that night with 23/35 shots!

Mitchell gives a m. 4.3 assists per match, with the ball being in his hands at 28.9% of the games of his team, while he is on the parquet. It is obvious that he likes to perform than to create, but the "zero" remains impressive, from whatever side you look at.

Jazz is not the best team in the team game (Warriors with 29.2 assists), but not the worst (Nicks with 18.8 assists) as this year has an average of 23.2 assists per game, except that Mitchell destroyed their game against the Sikers as I gave only 15 yesterday night.

Mitchell, however, seems to have understood his mistake and will then see if this understanding is transferred within the parquet: "I got 35 shots. This should not happen again. It's not me, I'm not playing that way. I know I have to be aggressive, but I have to be smarter.

I expect myself to be perfect. I can not have games like this in my opinion. My teammates will always be there for me as well as my coach. This gives me an incentive. I will come out of this position, shaking gradually better and staying focused " , he said, obviously disappointed.

photo: (AP Photo / Chris Szagola)

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