Friday , February 3 2023

Eleni Menegaki: Fighting weight – “I will not wear clothes, they will not tie”! (Video)


And again, Eleni Menegaki would eat, lose weight, and be miserable if they put her favorite outfit on her after the holidays and, as usual, appeared in her premiere coquette!

The presenter gives his fight with weight and revealed it on the show today, and the reason for this is the “How are you?” Given to Dimitris Ungarezos. Are you still going Do you have a goal?

And he told her he was on a diet until October 26. On October 26, he would eat everything, and the woman asked him, “But won’t your stomach be closed ?!” “It never closes,” Dimitris replied!

And then Eleni Menegaki said, “I, the kids, enjoyed eating without worry while I wasn’t working! I ate my cigars and wines softly. Incredible! From the moment I started, everything stopped as soon as the worries started. I said, ‘Well, I said in the spring.’ You won’t fit in half a dress! Everything will not close! You will take off your pants … I have balls in the spring and all year round “!

Maybe he accepted as he mentioned, but it doesn’t seem to him at all!

Watch the relevant piece from the show below!

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