Thursday , June 8 2023

IMF on non-cut pensions: It concerns the Greek government and the European partners | Greek Economy


The International Monetary Fund is no longer in a position to impose any policy in Greece, said the Fund's representative, Jerry Rice, commenting that the non-cut of pensions decided at the current EuroWorking Group in Brussels is an issue exclusively for the Greek government and European partners.

"The IMF no longer has a financial settlement with Greece, so we do not participate in the details of these ongoing debates," Rice said.

Invited to comment on the IMF's role in post-programmatic supervision, the spokesman clarified that the Fund is now limited to a consultative work.

"We (the IMF), not only in Greece, do not impose policies on our members. It is their own policies and we try to support them. And that is clearly a case that also concerns Greece. But, as I said, we now have no economic program with Greece. We have what we call a post-programming supervision arrangement where we visit Greece from time to time and we look at the economy in consultation with the Greek government and we offer our analysis of our assessment to be useful in Greece. However, we do not impose policies in the member countries. We do not impose policies in Greece. We are not in a position to do so ", he added.

Finally, Mr Rice argued that the position of the Fund had not changed for this issue, but added that this issue "is really a decision to be debated by the Greek government and the Europeans." Regarding the next audit of the Greek economy, he said the IMF steps would return to Athens in early 2019.

"We continue to encourage Greece to use all the tools at its disposal to achieve more development-friendly and socially-focused policies. And that's our position for some time. When implementing the pre-set 2019-2020 package, if this can free the financial space for more growth-friendly measures, we will obviously support it. But again, this is really a decision to be debated by the Greek government and the Europeans, "Rice said.

Source: RES-EAP

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