Wednesday , October 5 2022

Known Actor Wondering In June In Crete


Stratos Tzortzoglou has found his other half in the face of Sophia Mariola. The couple and his company chose the Athens Center to have fun. All night, the actor did not leave his partner's embrace, and they looked very happy and in love. "I'll have three barbers and Vana Barba. The wedding will take place on June 16 in Chania, Crete, "said the actor a few days ago.

"To tell the truth, when I met Wisdom, the last thing I was thinking was to make a relationship. I was fine with myself. I did not even care about "relationship" and let alone "marriage". I was living between New York and Athens and I found my balances. By the time I met Sophia. I felt something that was mutual, instant and sudden, he had said in another interview.

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