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Prince Charles: Diana, Camila and Unknown Stories


Prince Charles is closing today for 70 years, and on his birthday, his wife, Duchess of Cornwall, Camila and his sons, spoke in BBC documentary revealing unfamiliar aspects of his character.

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Prince Charles baby in the arms of Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry said he was proud that his father handed Megan Marcle to their marriage, noting that he had "come forward" when he realized that Marcel's father would not attend their marriage and offered to accompany her. William, on the other, wished his father to find more time for his grandchildren.

Prince Charles Willem Hari

His wife, Camila, and his two sons, Williams and Harry, pointed out that he was working late into the night until he was taken to sleep in the office and found him with a post-it stick attached to his forehead.

The King Waiting Explained at Prince, Son and Heir – Charles at 70 (Prince, son and successor – Charles at 70), that he is not "so foolish" to interfere with politics when he sits on the throne. While his choices in the past have sparked reactions, such as support for the Dalai Lama that stirred China, but also Russia's irritation when he compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, Elizabeth II's eldest son stressed that he would observe the Constitution forbids him to intervene on political issuesa.

Prince Charles also revealed in Country Life magazine that he is mad about "groussaka" – his own – version of the Greek moussaka.

The Buckingham Palace on the occasion of Prince Charles's birthday revealed some unknown details of his life.

Prince Charles

Here are some of these:

  • The prince does not eat lunch
  • His favorite tea is Darjeeling (high-quality tea that goes out into northern Indian mountain areas) with honey and milk
  • He is an "anxious" painter. A watermark was presented at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1987, anonymously
  • It has a frog named: Hyloscirtus Princecherlesi or Prince Charles Big Tree-frog
  • The Prince studied archeology and anthropology in his first year in Cambridge, and then History.

Prince Charles, Diana and Camila

His first handshake with Camila was, about half a century ago, on the pole pole of Wyndsor's Big Park. Kamila Sadd is recommended. Charles looks impressed and urges her not to call him Ser, but with his little name.

They will meet again many times since then. Their romance did not last long. Prince Charles enters the Royal Navy and marries Diana Spencer. For her part Kamila marries General Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973 and makes two children.

It is said that the news of her marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles, Charles was apprehended as a sailor on board as he served in the Navy. MaAll night before his marriage to Diana, he was crying shamefully. It was not that man who wanted to have side by side with him.

In an interview given to the BBC by Diana in 1995, he stated unequivocally: "We were three in this couple, it was a little over-exaggerated."

Charles and Diana were divorced on August 28, 1996, after the palace was motivated. The princess of the people will lose her life in August of 1997 in Paris. Kamila becomes the hated third person, the scandal stone.

On April 8, 2005, Charles and Camila marry a ceremony without luxury. Elisabeth fully agrees with marriage.
From that day, the common dead Kamila becomes the duchess of Cornwall.

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