Monday , March 20 2023

Samsung mobile with a new logo on Facebook


Just happened. Without a big announcement. Just look at Samsung's Facebook page will see a new logo that outlines innovations … Samsung

Facebook's Facebook page says "Samsung Mobile has updated its profile profile."

When do Facebook users do this? When something important happens in their lives, a new dog, a baby, or maybe a new haircut. The same thing happened to Twitter on the company.
Suddenly, Samsung's new logo collapsed.

We will probably hear the news at Samsung's Developers Conference, which will take place in San Francisco on Wednesday. The Korean company will finally reveal its folding phone.

Samsung has been "kidnapped" for a long time. In September, Samsung Mobile DJ Koh said it was "time to come".

Last month, Koh insisted he would be released. After changing the logo, we want to believe that the device will finally be released, although the company is dreaming and talking about it since 2013.

The truth is that Samsung needs a device that will shake the market waters. The company has long been following a mainstream model for Apple devices.

As for the issue of innovation? You just can not excite them all, can you?


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