Monday , October 3 2022

The Kalavrita Ski Center will be in operation … summer Plus: Society


Even in the summer months the ski center of Kalavrita will be able to work after the completion of the modernization of its facilities, says the mayor George Lazouras at the Macedonian News Agency, while at the same time asserting that this development will further contribute to the increase of the visitors and the economic development of the wider region.

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As the mayor explains, "The operation of the skiing summer months will give you the opportunity to ride the mountain with the new lifts, as well as visits to the top of Helmos and the Aristarchos telescope."

In particular, the Regional Council of Western Greece unanimously approved the proposal for the modernization of the Kalavryta Ski Center, with a budget of about 20 million euro, through the public investment program.

Speaking to ANA – MPA, George Lazouras described as the historic decision to upgrade, improve and modernize the facilities ", adding that the proposal was studied and prepared by the municipality and the ski center.

At the same time, he stresses that "after 30 years of skiing, such a big intervention takes place, creating a new skiing, giving it" life "for the next 40 years."

Regarding the modernization, the mayor says to ANA-MPA that "two important new lifts will be operated with cabins and chairs, the energy facilities will be upgraded and the electromechanical equipment will be created for the parking lot for the lifts of 700 square meters. buildings will be maintained, biological cleaning will be built and new snowmobiles will be purchased. "It is also planned to provide a ticketing system and ancillary systems, as well as re-designing on the slopes.

Regarding the benefits that are expected to arise, George Lazouras tells that the modernization of the skiing means "life", traffic, professional activity, tourism and environmental development, because through the upgrade the aim is for the ski resort to operates only during the winter season, but for a longer period of time, even in the summer. "

As he explains then, "With the operation of modern, fast and safe lifts, those who arrive at the ski resort during the summer months will have the opportunity to take a stroll or visit the top of Helmos and the facilities where the telescope" ", While other activities such as mountain biking can be developed."

Indeed, as stated by George Lazouras at this point, "we have decided to develop the activities I mentioned above because it is something that has been requested by us, both visitors and tourists."

Besides, as noted in the APE-MPA, the region's chief of Western Greece, Apostolos Katsifaras, regarding the modernization of the ski center, "in its 30 years of operation, has decisively contributed to the economy of the region, it has been identified with the creation of new jobs in the local productive fabric and has proliferated in favor of the emergence of the wider region. "

In conclusion, the mayor notes that the interventions that will be made to improve the road connecting Kalavrita with the Patrim 6,5 million Euros will contribute to the faster and safer movement of the visitors.

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