Friday , September 30 2022

The underground passage of Menemeni is in circulation


"Projects like today are in line with the increase in traffic and commercial transport from the port of Thessaloniki," said S. Spiritsis at today's inauguration, adding that "the conservative party had left the western districts in both Thessaloniki and Athens"

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Christos Spirtzis, today commenced the inauguration of the underground passage linking Menemeni to Monastiriou in western Thessaloniki with a budget of 10.5 million euros, "with a delay of one week and 12 minutes, day of its receipt for use ", as he himself said, emphasizing his importance for the upgrading of the area as well as the western districts of the city as a whole.

In his speech, while developing the strategic planning of the government, regarding infrastructure projects in the wider region, he underlined that "works like today are in line with the commitments and the vision of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. of commercial traffic from the port of Thessaloniki, you understand very well that if there was no holistic plan for upgrading the urban fabric on the west side of the city, we would have completely abandoned these areas and further downgraded the quality let life of their inhabitants. "

"The conservative party had left the western districts in both Thessaloniki and Athens," the minister said, "he has had a problem with the western districts, and that's just enough to look around."

He stressed that the resources for the implementation of the underground passageway were secured in 2017, when the project was included in the NSRF and its contract was signed in 2016. "Unfortunately, he did not have proper studies, so in June 2016 a new dossier was submitted to After that, it was six months to be approved by the local government, so it is delivered today, "he added.

As he stated, "when the projects are auctioned without completed studies, we have a few months delay, or years if we see next to the metro", and he underlined: "You need to shorten and simplify the approval procedures in the Local Government, because for six months – approval – the underground passage linking Menemeni and Monastiriou could not be continued, both in the lower pedestrian crossing and on the road crossing. "

Responding to the Mayor's repeated complaints about delays in completing and delivering the project, Mr Spirtzis addressed Mr Kyrizoglou and said: "The municipality of Menemeni – Ambelokipi, all that has been involved is in the licensing and we were late, my mayor, in the approval of the licensing, more than a week that I was going to get up from the receipt of the project for use. Because you criticized it and the journalists are witnessing the nagging you made. "

Spitzis, in spite of the small tension that has existed, has responded positively to the mayor's request for the replacement of the footbridge in Ambelokipi, which was constructed 70 years ago and seven railways below.

The Minister also pointed out that the Holocaust Museum was set up in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki, while talking about railway projects said the railway link to Edomeni was completed, which marked it as a big step for the railway connection of Greece and Central Europe. "The rail link with Edomeni is part of the national strategic plan for combined transport envisaged by the Greek Prime Minister to make Thessaloniki the center of the Balkans viruses, commercial, economic, transport and cultural ".

For OASTHMr. Spirtzis stressed: "We will have separate announcements for the integrated planning that will take place in three phases: one phase concerns the delivery of the metro and its operation, the second concerns the operation of its central line and the third, its expansion to Kalamaria ". In this context, he noted that "the pre-works for the extension of the metro to the Western Districts and for the line to the airport are ready".

"The western districts will not be abandoned as they have been for so many decades," Mr. Spirtzis stressed and closed his speech, saying, "Let them interrupt as much as they want and say that some want." The works belong to the Greek people who pay them. Commenting on the recent agreement between the State and the Church, he asked the attendees "to transfer to ND executives" that: "In the square of the work we have inaugurated today, can our church celebrate both Christmas and Easter. , nor the customs of anybody. The historic yesterday's agreement gives the mark on the way in which modern Greece moves and the old one ".

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