Friday , March 31 2023

Where is the center of the world? New show at the Eugenidio Planetarium


A new show by the Evansidos Foundation's Planetarium, titled "The Center of the World: From the Geocentric System to the Universe's Diligence," will premiere on Monday, November 12th.

The ancient peoples thought that the center of the world is on Earth and that all celestial bodies roam around it. This erroneous Geocentric view of the world, which has prevailed for at least two millennia, addresses the new performance.

From ancient Babylon to ancient Greece and from the Copernican Solar System to the expansion of the Universe, the new production, produced by the Eugenides Foundation itself, chronicles the exciting evolution of ideas about the position of Earth and man in the universe. The performances will be anticipated by the director of Planetarium Dr. Manos Kitsonas, presenting a "live" journey from our solar system to the extremes of the universe with the help of the Planetarium simulator.

On Monday, November 12, there will be two performances (18:30 and 20:00) with free entry to the public. It is necessary for the entrance cards, the distribution of which will be made by the Planetarium Fund from 18:00 on the same day. Each person will be able to obtain up to two entry tickets, and 240 entry cards will be available for each show.

The show, which is proposed for children aged 10 years and older, will be included in the regular schedule of Planetarium from Thursday, November 15 with a ticket price of six euros for adults and four euros for children.

Source: RES – EAP

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