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Hong Kong International Auction House Co., Ltd., in response to the National One Belt One Road initiative, promoted the essence of Chinese traditional culture and organized the "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Classical Treasures Exhibition" event as well as the opportunity to participate in Star Art International Group Co., Ltd and the international China Talents competition. The award-winning charity acted as guests, including champion Hu Shuya, runner Zhang Yifan, runner Zhang Chen, Miss Friendship Wu Jiaying and Jiangxi Division Charm Beauty Award Xiong Ying.

During the exhibition of sea, land and air held at the Golden Light Conference and Exhibition Center, taking pictures with many famous cars became the focus of the beauty of the Macau Motor Show.

A group of Chinese talented artists won the prize at dinner, which brought a blessed spirit to the charity event and was the best for the good.

During the event, Shan Chang Ren Weng also donated donations. Revenue from evening vouchers and the charity of guest assistance will be billed to charity and Makita Caritas Life Hotline after deducting all expenses. Fu has a comeback.

A team of talented artists served as hosts as both ribbon-cutting ceremony hosts and as a jewelery model at the jeweler's shop.

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Chinese talented artist, Deyi Shuangxin, enthusiastic charity

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