Monday , October 3 2022

Li Hui's poem for two months reading, ready to go back to the Asian league in January next year | UPower


After the sprint, Lee Huishi decided to take a break.

Li Huishi interacts with children.

The main force of the Hong Kong bicycle team, Sarah Sarah, visited the Zengqishan Middle School on Saturday at Maansan. In addition to sharing knowledge with more than 400 primary and secondary students, he also revealed that he will focus on the study for two months and will return to the competition next year. .

Li Houzi revealed that she would take a short break.

Last month, Li Huishi won 2 gold and 1 bronze at the World Cup in France and Canada and said that since he has already won several points to participate in the World Championship in Poland next year, he will take a short break at two months to deal with the heavy load. Academic. Today he is a student of the Department of Creative Writing at the Baptist University and needs time to study out of practice and competition.

A large number of students appeared on the side of Lee Hui's poems.

Referring to next year's plan, he said the first is to face the Asian cycling championship held in Indonesia and is expected to work with younger sister Ma Yuru to play the group's competition. In addition, Hong Kong will host the Hong Kong World Cup Cycling Station from 25 to 27 January, while Hong Kong drivers will also appear on stage.

The car fan is looking for Sara's signature.

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