Friday , September 30 2022

“Shenmue” has released the first trailer of the adapted animation, which looks very interesting-Shenmue 3-Gamereactor


It’s been a year since Shenmue creator Suzuki Hiroshi and One Punch Man and Naruto director Sakurai Masayoshi announced their collaboration with Adult Swim and Crunchyroll to create a cartoon series based on the Shenmue game. Understand that it is not surprising if someone forgets this. Now they gave a very good reminder.

Because we finally got the first trailer of this great-looking cartoon series. Of course, forklifting in the open part of the animation, hugging cats and not paying attention to duck races may disappoint some people, but the action and more story-centered scenes are still impressive. The trailer also revealed that the 13 episodes, which will be released next year, will tell the story of the first three games, so you can see which scenes are cut or not often in the spotlight. you would wait.

What do you want to show in the animation?

Shenmue 3

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