Thursday , June 8 2023

A hospital in Borsod county asked for entry to the parent room


A hospital in Borsod county asked for 3,000 forints from their family members, saying they should cover the cost of protective clothing. According to the European Roma Rights Center, the procedure was unlawful and the court first gave them the truth: a HUF 5 million fine was imposed on the public interest and banned the practice of providing protective clothing for money.

According to the NGO, one foundation of the hospital had to pay for a parent's room, so the accompanying poorer could not have been there at birth, thereby violating their right to equal treatment. The use of protective clothing is mandatory in the parent's room without the attendants entering.

Muhi Muhi, the attorney-at-law of the Foundation, told the RTL News Agency: according to the Health Act, a parent woman has the right to have an accompanying child next to her.


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