Tuesday , October 4 2022

Index – Meanwhile – The banners are coming for the cold again


There are many problems with various parts of the European Union with Amazone, the world's largest online retailer, for example, not paying much VAT after its European operations. A group of MEPs is now fighting Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, because there are CCCP t-shirts, studs, and similar Soviet-style items in the Amazon.


A member of the Lithuanian Antanas Guoga party wrote an open letter to Bezos, which included 26 MEPs, mainly from the Eastern Bloc countries, although there were also Spanish and British MEPs. On the Hungarian side, Fidesz Kósa Ádám stood out against the tyranny of bribery.

Gonga writes in his letter that the Soviet system claimed 60 million victims and it is not nice that the Amazon, by violating millions of Europeans affected, is making money for the memory of this system.


Other companies have already managed to stop betraying Soviet substance, Walmart, the largest US supermarket chain, and German Adidas, for example, have permanently removed such products from their shelves.

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