Saturday , June 25 2022

Mtl is less fuel


It has been repaired in Hungarian banks, and gasoline has fallen from £ 400.

On Wednesday, MOT Plc out of 95 gasoline refineries declined by 5 forints, but the oil did not change.

Gasoline was sold at a rate of 386 forints, while the oil content remained at 429 forints.

Most of the fuels changed on Wednesday, with 3 guilders increasing gas oil to 429 forints while gasoline remained 391 forints.

Forrs: MTI / Marja Jnos

Autsok can also see the values ​​of 50 forints.

The gasoline went in 2012. Earlier this year, one liter of fuel was charged for 451 forints. The letter of gzolaj was the most expensive in January 2012, at a rate of 449 forints.

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