Monday , May 29 2023

Serious labor: repatriated to the labor market


Since then, the number of pension cooperatives of general interest has quadrupled, but both the number of their employees and their sales in 2017 are small, according to a recent announcement.

The purpose of the new form of cooperation since 1 July 2017 was the reintegration of active retirees into the labor market, thus reducing the growing labor shortage in the private sector. To this end, businesses that run jobs for this type of cooperative will have to pay considerably lower government debts to the state fund as if they were working-age employees, read the OPTEN corporate information announcement.

The situation of domestic retired cooperatives was investigated by Opten last October. At that time, 36 such cooperatives were operating in the country. Their number now reached 148. The cooperative founding fever was a prime success story in Budapest and Pest County. In the capital, 41 in Pest County, 32 is the number of working retired cooperatives. In the region, mainly in Transdanubia, in the Fejér district and in the county of Győr-Moson-Sopron, they saw imagination in this club.

By examining their main business activities, it can be seen that a determined majority deals with other areas of human resource supply, management (62) and recruitment (18). This means that these associations mediate in the retirement workforce for other economic actors in different areas of expertise. Popular business activities are other business services not elsewhere (11) and complex administrative services (9).

The favorable picture is slightly overestimated by the financial reports of 2017. Of retired cooperatives, 145 have financial statements with a total income of $ 632 million, meaning that the income per cooperative does not exceed 4.3 million orphanages. The size of the cooperatives is not important for the number of employees, as a total of 583 people have been reported, but only those who are employed in the contract are listed in this issue, but the members are not.

In October last year, we predicted a sharp increase in the number of these types of partnerships, followed by the mass employment of pensioners in this form and the financial benefits of conservative cooperatives, Zolan Hantus, director of the corporate information service project, is still waiting his analysis.

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