Monday , October 3 2022

The Liberty Bridge is the symbol of the Democrats in Budapest


Budapest may be a free and prosperous city if the mayor does not finish with the President of Fidesz but agrees with the people.

With a flash and a parade, Budapest mentions 145 years ago the MSZP and Dialogue on the Pest side of the Liberty Bridge on Saturday night.

Budapest tells her story for 145 years to show the example of future generations as an example and to give an example: what should not happen and be highlighted
Zsolt Molnár. Budapest's MSZP President urged the participants to take the fate of the city, shape the future, join the libertarian voters of Budapest with the local government approach and the upcoming Budapest election campaign. "The Republicans of Budapest must unite and the Freedom Bridge be the symbol of those who are all together!" – gave another symbol to the blue heart of MSZP (see the EU Election Logo) Zsolt Molnár.

The Bridge of Freedom symbolizes that the inhabitants of Budapest are bound by freedom, unlocking the "bridge simulation" Christmas presents. According to the Co-Director of the Dialogue, all residents of Budapest – Pest, Buda, Óbuda, Men and Women, traveling by car or bicycle, elderly and younger, residents of the groups or only those in the suburbs – are citizens of this city and have the freedom to develop the city in which direction we want.

This is why the fall of the decline of the fall of the city was declared at Christmas, the bet that after the concentration of the last nine years, the citizens of Budapest took their free will from their free will. For this reason, the next mayor should be the mayor of Budapest, not the Fidesz president (see the Orbán-Tarlós pact), but with the citizens.

"We want not to marry Budapest with its government," but to get our "legitimate money" from the money that the economy and the population of Budapest put in the budget, "made it clear at Christmas that until the prime minister spoke of growth a billion dollars, in fact, the government is seeking to withdraw all of Budapest's resources.

And this is not a small amount of money, warns Csaba Horváth: Budapest pays 20 billion guilders a day to the country's pot, which just gets something back. It is not surprising that the development of the capital has stopped, so the leader of the MSZP metropolitan team, the talent, diligence and sacred work of the people here had to make Budapest the largest capital. According to opposition politicians, Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Istvan Tarus, mayor of Budapest, signed a contract for the "plundering of Budapest" on Saturday, their contract was "just a bluff" for local elections. He said he must be the leader of Budapest in which Budapest is the first.

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