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The new Toyot gets the California Fire hero



Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 16:57

Four days ago, Allyn Pierce, a practically disastrous nurse at Paradise City Hospital, wrote a picture of the burning of Instagram, a Toyota Tundra (the American groom of Hilux, also known as The Hague), in a thankful message thanking the fire for serious damage but still has a life-saving car. The New York Times reporters, Jack Nickas, took the floor and wrote a perverse Twitter posting that Pierce was stuck in the fancy road as he tried to leave the city but then decided to go back and help those who did not they could escape.

"Here is another hero paradise – another amazing history of the city, which was the most serious fire in California since then.Our hero is Allyn Pierce, he is the overseer who has been omitted in the flame," said Nickas Twitter, which seems to have been noted by Toyota's American counterparts. After the post, Toyota immediately offered Pierce a free pickup. Of course, this gesture is only a small thing compared to the whole disaster and tragedy, but it reveals two important things about the brand: pay attention to good things and act quickly. Of course, a car manufacturer does not always have the ability to change all the cars but Pierce's story is so inspiring and motivated that the active brand in many areas of social responsibility around the world wanted to express his appreciation. After that, you should read the comments below the Pierce Instagram entrance and see how it affected all these people … it's a brand building.


The American subsidiary of Toyota did not actively promote charity but replied to the press with the following statement: "All our condolences to the victims of a devastating fire in California. We are extremely grateful to the emergency service staff who work tirelessly to limit the fire and to put people in safety.We are particularly grateful to a particular hero, Allyn Pierce, who has put others at risk for their lives and sacrificing their own Toyota Tundra. she was so excited about Mr. Pierce's self-indulgent act that we were shooting a brand new Tundra pickup! "

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