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There will be full houses after the premiere


There is great interest in Elk.rtuk, which will be shown on Thursday, based on Gábor Kálomista’s Ferenc Gyurcsány’s scandalous autumn speech and the street protests that followed. Budapest Film Zrt. And the multinational Cinema City, which is still in the capital’s interest, led by Gergely Karachsoni, did not want to be shown a month ago, but eventually withdrew due to great interest. The main characters are known, but until the day of the show on October 21, the directors will not reveal who played Ferenc Gyurcsány. Gábor Kálomista previously told Origo that it was very difficult to find a character for a film, among other things, because actors in the profession were threatened that if they played on Elk.rtuk, they would not take film roles and advertise. themselves in the profession.

Producer Gábor Kálomista buys tickets in advance for a political crime: Elk.rtukra, which starts on October 21, has already sold multi-room tickets, which is not the case in American films that promise the biggest box office. success. A film based on Ferenc Gyurcsány’s speech in Zszod, his political origins and the 2006 protests, followed by brutal police terror on the streetswas initially attacked by a left culture vehicle.Gábor Kálomista told Origo that after the first major actor selection, there were threats from actors in the zero stage. They received messages that they would be fired if they succeeded. ”

The actors were threatened, but stubbornly stood by the

The film features about forty characters, as well as many statisticians. One of the most important roles is played by Zsolt Trill, one of the greatest Hungarian actors, the father of the protagonist, who plays a political analyst. Zsolt Trill had heard Origo about threats against actors, and several of them called him and asked, “Did you accept that?”
I don’t want to live in a country where I don’t have to think about whether I will be filmed at some point in our lives. This is a catastrophic situation. If someone on the left had made this film, it would have been so invisible, “Zsolt Trill said in a video interview.

Gábor Kálomista, in a recent statement to Pesti TV, said that director Keith English and Catalan cameraman Josep M. Civit felt the fear of the actors and shared their solution. (By the way, the role of Josep M. Civit in Hungary would be hysterically mentioned by the left, because he is also a film director Pedro Almodóvar.)

The capital, led by Christmas (or rather Gyurcsánys), made filming even more difficult. The most surprising thing is that in September, the capital’s Budapest Film Zrt. And the multinational Cinema City did not want to broadcast the political crime, they only planned to screen it in the afternoon. Initially, the Budapest Film Zrt network intends to screen only at the Corvin cinema and only one afternoon in the presentation week.

Gabi Gubas plays the role of Clara DobrevSource:

The producer said that they had received threatening messages from small village cinemas that they would not receive the premiere film again if the film was shown.“So far, they have been insulting my actors, threatening my colleagues, going through the scenes wherever possible, but the most surprising thing is that the film is still being made. They understand they can’t stop anymore. ? Don’t let them go to the cinema.
They play censorship and abuse their authority. On this basis, why is the burning of the book of World War II, which is now burning the film, condemned?– Gabor Kalomista said earlier.

For the first time Budapest Film Zrt. Elk.rtuk gave a performance at the cinema one day – he reminded Gábor Kálomista in an interview with Pesti TV – that tickets could not be ordered because they sold out in about two hours. or al. Then a 21-hour meeting was scheduled where tickets went immediately, then a five-hour strip was given, sold out for the weekend, and now they don’t pay.

If an American blockbuster, who has never been seen in his relationship with us, comes out, the same cinema will show him nine performances a day in three halls. “

If it’s a professional mistake, it’s a big mistake,Calomist says, however, that this is a purely political affair.

After the interviews, the cinemas were frightened and watched with great public outrage at the sheer trick, which was expected to show the film with incredible interest.

Budapest Film Zrt. The head began to explain after Kalomista’s explanations that the essence of the audience’s films was first and foremost the interest of the audience. Origo watched a movie that aired at Corvin, the main movie theater that week: the result was a sad picture. There was an American movie where they were able to sell zero tickets in advance, but there was a large hall performance of only 4 parts.

British director Keith English is shootingForrás: I think

Cinema City’s marketing director also touched on the marketing and rich premiere he said for October, explaining why they were late in deciding on Elk.rtuk. He also said that propaganda films were not shown at all, but this film has no different judgments.

The term “campaign film” is clear: it is related to a politically themed film that looks at recent history (the left does not appear). on the other hand, some Hungarian theater directors prefer to caricature or regularly ironically portray conservative bourgeois politicians. In the productions of Gábor Máté, Béla Pintér, Róbert Alföldi, we do not have to look at people on the conservative side of the magnifying glass, even politicians, but if the left is politicized, we can talk about Tamas Ascher. One of Béla Pintér’s plays (presented at the Catona József Theater, of course) was not only about an active, leading right-wing politician, but also about his alleged personal drama. As for such pieces, the question of political correctness never arises on the left, and in fact the performance in question (as well as embarrassing in terms of its artistic value) was considered a masterpiece.

In any case, the left could not prevent the success of Elk.rtuk.

Spectators set out to buy tickets and began to vote. Three weeks before the show, these days there has been no such interest in cinema.

Before the first week, the multiplexes were met with exceptional interest around the film and outrage in the press. Defines the first political crime based on real events in all Hungarian political programs.

The much-anticipated Hungarian film Elk.rtuk will be presented next weekSource: Origo

We have known for a long time that Gyurcsányne is played by Thalia Theater actress Gabi Gubas, butThere are still speculations that he will play the role of actor Ferenc Gyurcsány, the directors will not reveal their identities until the premiere. In a live video these days, another producer of the film, Dorottya Helmeczy, was asked, “We knew in advance who would play Ferenc Gyurcsány.”
Vivianne Bánovits was the first actress to appear for the role of the protagonist Réka, and although there were still about 100 applicants after that, in the end the creators felt they had to listen to their first intuition.

The film, as we wrote, is being shot by Keith English, who won The Best You Ignore Me Me Award for Best Comedy at the 2019 UK National Film Awards.

The film, which was closely associated with the national holiday 15 years ago, is hosting a Megafilm audience meeting for fans and the general public.October 23 at 20:15 at the CinemaMOM in MOM Park in Budapest.

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