Monday , May 29 2023

Train and car from Sarrd


In the accident, a man has broken the disaster on his home page. On November 11, at 50 pm Sartz Ferlauk was killed in an accident where a Sopron driver rushed to a motorized train.

The 8521 car was hit by a 46-year-old son of Sopron, where he was driven to the train for unclear reasons.

In the accident, the driver accidentally defeated and went to sleep. There was no one on the train.Forrs:

GYSEV ZRt. Said that gpjrm to thänad thalad trains was led by the non-signal point, which is one of the best in Pomorhs (Pamhagen) and Fertigentum in Austria. Because of the trunk, the driver was stuck. The tsoltk came out of the wreck and then you went into the eyes.

No one is traveling on the train.

In the case of accident and accident investigations, train movements are delayed by the train.

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