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Do not live in India if you love other countries: Kohli responds to the fan From the News field


MUMBAI: This is a hit millions of fans of Virat Kohli are unlikely to applaud. Even when the nation celebrates Diwali on Wednesday, the world's best batsman has come into a new dispute when a videotape on social media showed that the captain of India responded to a negative comment about his bang by saying that "if you like other countries, do not must live in India ".

In a short break in which he has overlooked the T20I series against the West Indies, Kohli recorded the video as part of his new application, called Virat Kohli Official App, in New Delhi. He was released on his 30th birthday on Monday.

In a section in which he responded to the negative tweets sent to him, Kohli seems to answer a critic who said he preferred the English and Australian batsmen on him. Kohli replied by saying he should not live in India and asked him to take his priorities straight for "loving other countries".

First read the tweet that said: "Over-rated batsman and I personally do not see anything special in his bang. I like to see English and Australian batsmen more than these Indians."

In reply, Kohli said, "Okay, I do not think you have to live in India then … you have to go and live somewhere else not because you live in our country and you love other countries I do not mind to dislike, but I do not think you have to live in our country like other things. Find your priorities right. "

Kohli's brief response saw him being heavily bored by Twitterati, with many criticizing the governor for his "stance" and "arrogance." Most users of social media challenged the train for its hypocrisy, believing it supports many foreign brands.

Some users of social media even continued to remind Kohli of his statement during the U-19 World Cup in 2008, where he said his favorite thief was South Africa's former Herschelle Gibbs.

Kohli's statement did not go well with the BCCI bronze, believing it was from the Indian captain. "We, in the value of the BCCI, are cricket fans and respect their choices. I loved watching the Sunil Gavaskar bat, but I also loved watching (Gordon) Greenidge, (Desmond) Haynes and Viv Richards. very much to watch Sachin, Viru (Virender Sehwag), Sourav (Ganguly), VVS (Laxman), Rahul (Dravid) and Mark Waugh, Brian Lara and many others. more exciting spinner to watch, but one felt the most exciting when Anil (Kumble) was playing. Kapil Dev in the song was delighted to watch as it was (Rich ard) Hadlee, (Ian) Botham and Imran (Khan), "BCCI Anirudh Chaudhary's treasurer told TOI on Wednesday.

"I think this has to do with respect to the cricket excellence without any thought for geographical or political boundaries. I love India and I will stay very much here as other fans, I will continue to support our team and we will also appreciate the good performers other groups, "he added.

Another BCCI official, however, was more critical of Kohli's comment. "Virat must understand that if friends go away to other countries, then no Puma etc. He will not want to sign him for 100 crores." BCCI's revenues will be reduced and, therefore, the players' fees. he may find that he may have violated his contract with this statement Just as he violated the BCCI contract with Nike when he traveled to England to support Puma He must walk the talk and support the BCCI partners instead to focus on private approvals. It's a great one aiktis and it's time to try to be a great man, "he laments.

A batsman with a full of records against his name already, Kohli spent his birthday with Anushka Sharma woman in Haridwar. Recently named by the West Indian legend Brian Lara as "Game Leader" at the moment.

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