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Here are some of the best cases for the Apple iPad Pro 2018 that you can buy now


It may be tempting to use a new iPad Pro naked, especially if you pay for AppleCare +. The heavy fact though is that iPads are fragile and expensive – you should get a case as soon as possible if you want to be really mobile. These are some of the best first picking options now or within a few days.

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio


Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for the 2018 iPad Pro

If you absolutely need to have a case right away, the simplest bet is Apple. There are two options: the first is the Smart Keyboard Folio, which is sold in 11-inch ($ 179) and 12.9-inch ($ 199) versions. It is rather wise to get a separate keyboard, especially given Apple's excessive prices, but of course the benefit is that you will always have your keyboard with you and you will never have to charge or match.

Apple Smart Folio

Apple also sells Smart Folios without a keyboard, which costs 79 dollars for iPad 11 inches and 99 dollars for 12.9-inch models. You would recommend it if you do not have another choice altogether, as you pay a lot for relatively little protection.


Speck Presidio Pro Folio for the Apple 11 inch iPad Pro 2018

A better folio option is Speck's Presidio Pro, which costs $ 59.95 for a size of 11 inches and $ 89.95 for 12.9 inches. It is not only cheaper but protects from drops of up to 6 feet and includes a base for the second generation Apple pencil.


Waterfield Tech Folio Plus for the 2018 iPad Pro

Though not strictly a case, the 13-inch Tech Folio Plus of Waterfield ($ 149) should be able to keep your iPad and most (or all!) Of its accessories. You can choose either ballistic nylon or waxed canvas, and if you want to replace a backpack, you can rest for a leash. All versions have a carry handle.


DODOcase two tone 2018 iPad Pro case

DODOcase was one of the first companies to make any kind of iPad, and the first to specialize in folio design in book. This year's best choice is probably the Two Tone, which costs $ 64.95 of any size. Includes a loop for an Apple pencil or other stylus and comes in four color combinations: black / charcoal, pigeon gray / indigo, green / gunnysack and granite / merlot.


Belkin Air Protect for Apple iPad Pro

Even if it's not glamorous, Belkin's Air Protect Always-On Sleeve needs to fit into an iPad Pro 11 inch and protect it from bumps and scratches. The kicker is the price, since it costs $ 34.99 or less.

Budget brands – ProCase, ESR & JETech

The Smart ProCase case.

The Smart ProCase case.

If your requests are not strict, some budget cases on Amazon will save you from burning a deeper hole in your wallet. ProCase, for example, has the smart $ 12.95 pouch, a thin sheet with an Apple Pencil base and the Slim Case $ 10.99, which is really a shell with a collapsible lid.

ESR Urban Premium Folio

ESR Urban Premium Folio.

ESR's Urban Premium Folio pouch ($ 18.99) features an Apple Pencil pencil and slots to support an iPad for viewing. The Intelligent Premium Business Leather Case ($ 20.99) adds features such as a hand strap and a pocket for storing cards and cards.

JETech 2018 iPad Pro folio

Sheet sheet of JETech.

JETech still has a $ 9.99 basic folio, if you're only interested in dust and scratches, and occasionally claiming your Pro.

I'm coming soon

Graffin Survival Tactics

If you can afford, we would really recommend you wait a few weeks. Some of the big names in the accessories are working for updates – Griffin, for example, is preparing three new rust Survivor cases, and Otterbox is working on a refreshed Defender.

Logitech's advanced iPad Pro keypad cases are some of the most popular, so we will not be surprised to see new releases before the end of the year.

Pad & Quill, a leading box manufacturer, is preparing revisions of the Contega Thin and Oxford Leather luxury case for delivery in early December. In addition to saving $ 10 when booking your position in the series, each Pad & Quill case is currently an additional 10% discount with exclusive coupon code knowledgeable.

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