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Invest small, but in large capitalization this Day Trading Day Muhurat and avoid the middle ceilings


Rahul Jane

Another time passed and we saw mixed fortunes. From the amazing mergers that began last year, in multiple rounds of consolidation and consolidation, the market has seen more than its fair share in earnings and declines.

There are talks about the poor phase. However, there are more and many reasons to be optimistic about the markets. Buying at these levels and blocking for the long term can reverse the fate.

Interestingly, our rituals, practices, rituals, and conventions are about seeking, positive, and developing. And Muhurat Trading is just the beginning, literally.

Over the years, the Indian stock market has experienced feelings of enthusiasm, hope and positivity during this time of the year.

Muhurat is an auspicious time on the day of Lakshmi Pujan. The investment or any business that started during this period is believed to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Although the stock markets remain closed on Diwali today, the national stock exchanges, both BSE and NSE, open for Muhurat Trading for an hour.

Muhurat Trading also sees new investors, wanting to enter the capital markets with symbolic investment. At the same time, existing investors, small and medium-sized and institutional, carry out certain transactions as a sign of good markets.

Starting from a positive note:

In the data of the last ten years (2008-2017), it was observed that Sensex is growing mainly on Muhurat Day and falls to the next session. In fact, BSE Sensex has been green in 7 of the last 10 years. Samvat 2074, began with a dark note, down 0.6%.

While feelings are high, there are a few things you need to follow to get the most out of Muhurat Trading. It was noticed that investors prefer to buy small and medium-sized shares during Muhurat.

This could also be the time to hire a financial adviser to make a right and informed choice to invest in companies that are fundamentally strong and have shown steady performance.

Muhurat Trading opens for an hour or something that limits liquidity and time for trading. so intraday transactions may not be wise.

New investors who want to start can make symbolic investments to mark the auspicious opportunity. While doing so, do not be seduced by festive feelings. Invest a small amount, ideally in big caps.

The road ahead:

The Indian economy is on the road to unification. Developments over the last five years have been the focus and one can expect strong and sustainable growth as soon as these systemic changes are implemented.

Although short-term volatility due to global developments, Rupee devaluation and forthcoming state elections and Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the long-term development story remains intact.

Its impact will be examined in the stock market over the next two years, creating an ideal opportunity for investment. If you are a new investor who wants to invest in stocks or an experienced trader wishing to expand your portfolio, "Muhurat Trading" is a good time to get started.

Invest for the long term because you are trying to time the market can see your money go up in a smoke just like the Diwali crackers!

The writer is head, counseling staff of wealth, Edelweiss.

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