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Sabarimala Temple opens: Female in her 20th to return home after security concerns


Written by Vishnu Varma
| Pamba / nilakkal |

Updated: November 5, 2018 10:37:49 PM

Tributes ride from base camp Nilakkal to Sabarimala Temple in Pathanamthitta on Monday. (PTI)

Under a massive police cover with the reinforcement of section 144, the holy Sabarimala hill in Kerala opened its doors for a special two-day ceremony, called "Chithira atta vishesham" on Monday. However, unlike in previous years, when few descendants visited the temple during this period, thousands of people fell into base camp Nilakkal and Pamba.

Section 144 had been enforced on the sanctuary of the Sabarimala hill and the Pamba and Nilakkal base camps as early as Sunday and will remain in force until Tuesday night when the doors of the temples are closed. A strong police station, with female police officers and command units, was posted to Nilakkal and Pamba to eliminate all violence by protesters. Police officers were also assigned to Erumely, one of the most important stops for pilgrims, and all the way to Nilakkal. Vehicles are regularly checked to look for protesters.

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Woman in the late 20's tries to visit Shambarmal

Meanwhile, in the evening, Anjou, a woman in the late 20s, arrived in Pamba with her husband and two children in an attempt to go to Samparama, making her the first woman in the 10-50 age group to try to climb up the hill after the temple was opened for ritual "Chithira ata visheshesham".

However, a policeman in the police control room, Pamba, confirmed that he would return to his home country. The woman and her family held talks with top police officers on Monday night and the police reported that they had transmitted their security concerns climbing up the hill.

For about two hours, about two dozen troubled officers stood outside the control room in Pamba as the family spoke to senior police officers in. The family greets Cherthala in the Alappuzha area.

A police officer on an anonymous basis said: "When we told the family the security risks, the woman managed to understand. He also agrees that he will return home. But her husband insisted that the family climb up the hill and visit the temple. For some reason, they were stubborn that they visited the temple. "

For several hours, hordes of journalists stood outside the control room, waiting for the police to make a statement as to whether to provide security coverage for her wife and family. Eventually, the police announced the woman's decision to return to her home country. It is unclear whether the family will return tonight or tonight on Tuesday.

Pilgrims unhappy with a few bus services

Earlier in the day, part of the pilgrims were angry at the availability of fewer buses between Nilakkal and Pamba. "Why is the government unknowing to harass the descendants like us? There are thousands of us and very few buses," one of them dashed as dozens of them walked 20 km from Nilacakal to Pampa.

The police later spoke with KSRTC officials and arranged more buses. Private vehicles, other than the media and government officials, were not allowed in Pamba due to inadequate parking. However, BJP's senior leader, MT Ramesh, who went up the hill as a pilgrim, criticized the government for converting the temple and its facilities into a fortress.

The Sabarimala Temple opens today amidst tight security Police check the vehicles in the royal town of Nilacakal, in Sabarimala, on Sunday. (Photo: PTI)

"Sabarimala must be a place of peace and no violence, and devotees must be able to pray to Ayyappa in peace without being harassed by the police." The government must act with maturity, abandoning acts of warfare with the devotees ", he said.

Right-wing activist Rahul Easwar, who was at the forefront of the scandal over SC's verdict, also climbed the hill in an attempt to offer prayers. "November 13th is a very important date for us, we are very optimistic, I want to go up the hill, visit the temple and receive blessings from Lord Ayyappa," he said. On November 13, the Supreme Court will hear the petition for petitions before her on her previous decision on women's entry into the temple.

Easwar also said the government should urgently organize more buses for pilgrims as well as open shops along the way to offer refreshments to the faithful. Eashwar, who was arrested twice last month for violating the ban on traffic orders, is ready for a warranty.

A famous RSS leader from Kannur Valsan Thillankery also saw black clothes visiting the temple. "If the traditions are violated, then there will be natural protests from the faithful, and devotees should not be considered here as terrorists, Section 144 should not be imposed on a temple like Shamparamala," he said.

He said RSS and other Indian clothes were ready for talks if the government took the initiative. "The government must abandon its stubbornness," he added.

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